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Criteria for Residential Treatment Admission

Candidate is chemically dependent and is likely to fail at less intensive levels of care.

Candidate has a minimum of 72 hours of abstinence from drugs and alcohol prior to admission.

Candidate demonstrates a positive interest toward recovery as well as a positive attitude toward AA and NA.

Candidate must be in good health and free from any major medical or psychiatric complications that would interfere with treatment.

Candidate must be willing to live in a highly structured environment.

Candidate must not be taking prescribed drugs unless there is a special arrangement between OAR, the candidate and his/her physician.

Recent Comments

"Harbor House changed my life. I will always be grateful. My therapist there was truly a blessing."

"I am very grateful to OAR for treating me with respect and not giving up on me throughout my treatment."

"My experience at the Chester A. Ray Center was very rewarding. The house manager and therapists there were exceptional and very knowledgeable."

Residential Treatment

Substance addiction is a progressive disease that if left untreated, is fatal. It is also a family disease that will touch every member of the family. It is not uncommon in families for the addicted family member to attend residential treatment in order to find healing and recovery, while other family members receive treatment, support, and encouragement in an outpatient setting. The privacy of individuals receiving treatment for substance abuse is protected by Federal Law and HIPPA Regulations. To learn about confidentiality and treatment for substance abuse, click here.

Note: Priority placement is given to pregnant women, women with children and those with Child Protective Services involvement.

Residential treatment takes place in two phases; The first phase of treatment is 6 weeks in length and addresses the primary chemical dependency of the individual. Residents participate in lectures, groups, twelve-step programs, and individual therapy. They work through a variety of personal reflective assignments and participate in discussion groups and individual therapy.

Upon successfully completing phase one, residents enter phase two where the focus is on continued recovery, also known as sober living. Residents continue to participate in group activities. Their focus is on life skills and relevant transitional issues to prepare for their completion of treatment. Residents are expected to pursue employment or volunteer activity during this phase.

Privileges and restrictions during residential treatment are based upon a three-tier system that factors in: Time in treatment, attitude and progress toward individual treatment goals.

OAR offers gender specific residential treatment at two locations in Holland.

Harbor House Treatment FacilityHarbor House

Harbor House provides full residential substance abuse treatment services for addicted women. The program will accept new mothers with infants up to 12 months old. TheBaby at Harbor House house, which was just recently renovated, was 100 years old in 2008.

Meet Abbie - The Harbor House Therapy Dog

Therapist Dog - AbbieMeet Abbie, the canine member of the Harbor House Clinical Staff.  It has long been recognized that dogs have a calming and therapeutic effect on people.  Abbie helps residents to cope with the emotional issues related to their addiction.  She unconditionally Therapist Dog with Therpist loves everyone without any prejudice or rejection and is a regular participant in group and individual therapy.

Therapist Dog Interacting with Woman








The Chester A. Ray CenterChester A. Ray Center Treatment Facility

Located in Holland’s Historic District, the Chester A. Ray Center offers full residential substance abuse treatment services for men.

Meet Serenity -
The Chester A. Ray "Therapy" Cat

Serenity the CatSerenity visited the Chester A. Ray Center in 2007 and has remained ever since. While he does not directly participate in therapy, he regularly interacts with the residents.

Recreational Activities

OAR addresses recovery from addiction with a holistic approach. As part of this process residents are allowed access to the Holland Community Aquatic Center, at least once a week.

     The Holland Community Aquatic Center
   Aquatic Center
                         Aquatic Center